When a man gives his order to produce a definite result and stands by that order it seems to have the effect of giving him what might be termed a second sight which enables him to see right through ordinary problems. What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when a man is in that state of mind in which he knows exactly what he wants and is fully determined not to quit until he finds it.

How to build up self-confidence

亚历克斯ander Graham Bell, Inventor「当一位下令发生二个适龄的结果同有的时候候坚威武不能屈充裕命令,它有如能够给人民代表大会器晚成种疑似第二眼神的效果,让她能够看透日常的主题材料。那是怎么样工夫小编一点办法也想不出来说;小编只略知大器晚成二它存在,且唯有当一位居于非常观念情况时才会身不由己,他十二分精晓的驾驭她要怎么,且下完全的决意在找到以前绝不屏弃。」 亚鹰游山大Bell (发明家卡塔尔国

      As for the way to build up self-confidence, I have to admit that I am so shy when I meet others the first time.

stand by 扶助,遵从。例:He stands by what he said earlier. (他坚决守护他事前说过的话。卡塔尔(قطر‎ term (v.卡塔尔 取名,称为。例:A horse that is smaller than 1.5 meters at the shoulder is termed a pony. (肩部不如 1.5 公尺的马称为矮种马。卡塔尔(英语:State of Qatar)亚福泉山大Bell (1847-壹玖贰壹卡塔尔(قطر‎是发明电话的地经济学家。他对发声及听觉的探究开启了她对听觉仪器的实施。他今后在光学通讯、快艇及航太学的钻探也可以有突破性发现。他在人类史上极有影响力,也是「 国家地理组织」(National Geographic Society卡塔尔国 的开创者之生龙活虎。

      When I was 6 years old, I enter the elementary school. I was so shy on standing at the stage to introduce myself to the classmates. I was afraid that I would be awkward, which could make me so embarrassed. So I spoke less, made friend less ,even moved less in the first semester. However, at the beginning of the next term, one small thing changed me. It was a sunny day,  teacher asked us to make a talk about our family. Because of my bashful behavior during last semester, teacher appointed me to say something. This was the second time for me to speak in the public,the first time is self-introduction, i was so nervous about it. On I standing on the stage, I felt my legs were not mine. Even the content that I said in the stage is eliminated from my memory now, I can still memorize what my Chinese teacher told to me. "If you don't try to make anything ,how can you know what you can't do?" From then on, I became more and more confident gradually. I found I was so afraid of mistake, in that I paid more attention to others' comments. Whether people loves you or not is no big deals,and as long as you have attempted to be better, the result is just a result.

      In order to built up self-confidence, you should strengthen your own abilities to accomplish one mission on your own. You should work hard to get more qualities, cherish every opportunity  to show yourself, learn more from people around you in earnest. Last but not the least,make sure you can treat trivial prosperously. How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?During the journey to become a man, you will fail to do many things. So confront to the failure in a right and then you will be self-confident.

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